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24 Hour Acworth Locksmith in Acworth, GA – Transponder Keys

Back in the day, it was quite easy to hotwire a car. There were many wires running throughout the vehicle and if you knew which ones were connected to the ignition, you could easily start a car without the keys. These days, technology is much more advanced and it takes a lot more to start many newer vehicles.

One of the most common keys that are used in new vehicles these days are transponder keys. If you are in Georgia and you need a copy of your transponder key or you have lost your transponder keys, visit 24 Hour Acworth Locksmith in Acworth, GA. We offer all types of services related to transponder keys.

Transponder Keys and Their Advantages

Transponder keys are designed to transmit a signal to the computer in the car. Many cars will not start unless this signal is transmitted and received. This means that if you experience a problem with your transponder key, you may not be able to start your vehicle. Some of these transponder keys use a similar principle to open and close the car’s doors.

One of the many advantages of transponder keys is the enhanced safety that they offer to drivers. If your vehicle uses a transponder key, it makes it more difficult for criminals to steal. Even if they are able to cut a key, they will have to get the transponder chip in order to make it functional. As a safety feature, there are many companies that will not provide copies of transponder keys unless you can prove that you are the owner of the vehicle.

Another advantage of transponder keys is the convenience that they afford. Many of these keys have lock and unlock features on the key. It enables you to open or lock your vehicle from some distance away. You won’t even have to use the key in the lock on the door. This is referred to as keyless entry.

One downside to transponder keys is that once something goes wrong with the key, you may not be able to start your vehicle. This can be a very big inconvenience to some persons since they may be in a hurry. In addition to this, transponder keys are quite costly to replace, make or copy. If you have lost your transponder key, be prepared to spend some good money.

Can You Bypass Your Transponder Key?

There are quite a few tutorials online that teach people how to bypass a transponder key and start their vehicle. However, this is not recommended for several reasons:

  • If you bypass your transponder key and you own a new vehicle, you may lose warranty coverage by the manufacturer. If you get a device installed by a professional, you may be able to avoid this, but beware. If you bypass your transponder key, you may make your vehicle more vulnerable to theft.
  • Bypassing your transponder key may lead to problems that cost more than it would have been to replace the key. This possibility exists because you may end up making an error in the bypass process. Be careful! There may be a mobile locksmith in your area that can provide you with a transponder key quickly if you are in a jam.

Where Can You Get a New Transponder Key?

If you need a new transponder key or a copy of the one that you already have, there are several places that you can go.

  • Your local dealer

Depending on the make vehicle that you drive, your dealer will vary. However, all dealers are generally able to make or order transponder keys. Although this may be one of the most reliable places that you can turn to for a transponder key, it is often the most expensive.

  • Local locksmith companies

Not every locksmith company has the tools required to make or copy transponder keys, but several do. If you need a transponder key, this is one of the most inexpensive places that you can visit. If you are in Acworth, 24 Hour Acworth Locksmith in Acworth, GA can provide you with a transponder key in a very short time.

  • Other stores that cut keys

You may also be able to get transponder keys cut at other stores that perform regular key-cutting services. These options may make more sense if your key has been damaged but you still have the chip that is supposed to be used in the key. Be careful of these stores, however. Some of them will produce inferior keys that end up giving a lot of trouble in the long run.

Not All Transponder Keys Are Equal

Although they may all seem the same, there are differences in transponder keys. First, there are different transponder keys. The two types of keys are zero bitted and encrypted. Zero bitted keys are much easier to duplicate. As the name suggests, the encrypted keys are much more difficult to duplicate.

Another difference in transponder keys are the type of battery that is used in them. In fact, there are a few transponder keys that do not require batteries to work. If you realize that your transponder key has stopped working and it was not damaged, one of the first things that you should check for is a battery. If there is no battery, it may mean that you have a more serious problem at hand.

At the end of the day, there is one thing about transponder keys that is undeniable- they improve the security of your vehicle when compared to regular car keys. No matter what type of transponder key it is, if it uses batteries or not, the type of vehicle that it is used in or the type of transponder chip that it uses, you may be better off with a transponder key than a regular key.

Just be careful not to damage it or lose it. If you do, 24 Hour Acworth Locksmith in Acworth, GA will be here to provide you with a new one. If you are not in Acworth, research your local area to find a locksmith company that can assist you.